Acquest knows how to build great companies

Developing Best Outcomes – Case Study

An industry success story: TMP Worldwide (now Monster Worldwide, Inc.) builds a $1.5 B international staffing and consulting group in 18 months.

TMP had a strategic need to offer its customers something in between its low-cost, lesser-value-added and its high-end retained executive search services.  TMP asked Acquest to help implement their “Intern-to-CEO” vision through strategic acquisitions.  We recommended the acquisition of mid-market professional staffing and consulting companies in North America and Europe to extend their brand and complete their service offering.

Acquest put 10 dedicated researchers onto this project, and with 15 staff engaged full time, we narrowed our target universe from several thousand companies to approximately 1,200 companies in 11 European countries, Canada and the United States.

Of these 1,200 companies, Acquest talked seriously with 200 companies and arranged for face to face meetings with more than 75.  Within a span of 18 months, Acquest negotiated the purchase of 15 companies for TMP, located in 5 European countries, Canada and the United States. Representing TMP in 15 of the 19 acquisitions made by their eResourcing division in 2000 and 2001, Acquest was largely responsible for the creation of this major market player with sales and operations in 8 countries.


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